Waiting for the students to arrive

Managua, Tuesday morning January 3, 2012

Most of the students should be arriving in about 4 hours and we’re scheduled to head off to San Ramon, after the arrival of the last student, at about 4 pm.  A little slack time at Sandino International but also a chance to get something to eat, discuss the schedule a bit and get to know each other. Having only met my group in a much larger setting, months ago, it will be good to have some time to get acquainted before we arrive in San Ramon.

The schedule of activities is arranged – the big event this year will be the poetry workshop and performance on Sunday January 8, with other smaller high points before and after.  We are scheduled to visit and interview Teofilo and his family in El Chile and conduct some interviews with cooperative members in La Hermandad. And now that I write that I wonder, why not arrange an interview with some of the women of the paper making cooperative, too?


I wanted to resurrect something I wrote in my journal from last year, in order to keep it alive and subject it  to reflection and revision this year.

“The challenge … is creating conditions for the integration of the genuine experience – not a pushing away due to difference, but a pushing through to a different place.”



Starting out

“…the point of departure must always be with men and women in the “here and now”, which constitutes the situation within which they are submerged, from which they emerge and in which they intervene. Only by starting from this situation – which determines their perception of it – can they begin to move. To do this authentically they must perceive their state not as fated and unalterable, but merely as limiting – and therefore challenging.” – Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

“This brings us back once again to the importance of building communities of individuals who share a collective vision and recognize the importance of critical relationships of solidarity. They are comrades, compañeros and compañeras who share a revolutionary love for one another as brothers and sisters in struggle. ” –  Antonia Darder, Reinventing Paulo Freire